"Filmmaker Traces Plight of Refugees" - Vineyard Gazette

"With his political comedy about the Syrian refugee crisis, Ben Tumin highlights the revolutionary nature of irreverence. 'Comedy is a tool, especially for issues that people are tired of hearing about,' Mr. Tumin said at his multimedia presentation Monsters to Destroy, performed Wednesday at the West Tisbury library..."

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Benjamin Tumin
"Using humor as a medium to connect to fear: Ben Tumin speaks on the refugee crisis in America" - The Lafayette

"As conversations about the refugees continue to circulate, so do the misconceptions burgeoned from a lack of education on the issue. Filmmaker and comedian Ben Tumin addressed this in his multimedia presentation, 'Monsters to Destroy.' He suggested that through humor, film-making and education..."

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Benjamin Tumin
"Making the case for refugee resettlement" - Connecting Vets

"With an unprecedented 65 million people forced to leave their homes, the world is witnessing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. In Monsters to Destroy,' filmmaker and comedian, Ben Tumin, explores the refugee crisis and the practical reasons for U.S. resettlement. And he uses humor. Not an easy job."

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"Filmmaker presents documentary on refugee crisis" - Miscellany News

"On Wednesday, Jan. 31, filmmaker and comedian Ben Tumin gave a lecture about his new documentary discussing a resettlement of refugees in Germany and United States. This lecture is a part of “Monsters to Destroy,” or M2D, a multimedia performance tour conducted by Tumin and Human Rights First and Vets for American Ideals. In addition to giving a speech, Tumin also utilized the documentary, photographs and recordings to convey his opinion about refugees..."

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