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Scott Cooper and Ben Tumin, July 2017, Washington D.C.


Ben began work on Monsters to Destroy (M2D) in January 2017 as part of a broader research project on the national security impact of refugees. In the process, he developed a better understanding of the refugee crisis and the War on Terror, both of which intertwine deeply with his identity as a New Yorker and descendant of refugees.

Monsters to Destroy is a 45 minute presentation exploring that journey and what comes next.


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Through his research, Ben has worked with members of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, University College London, the Overseas Development Institute, Bard College Berlin, Berlin's Refugee Academy, the International Refugee Assistance Program, Church World Service, HIAS, Welcoming America, Refugee Council USA, and the Mid-Hudson Refugee Alliance, among others.

A growing list of partners includes: Human Rights FirstVets for American Ideals, and Eed be Eed, a newspaper for refugees in Germany.

M2D is mentored by Living on One, a nonprofit production company and creator of Salam Neighbor, an award-winning film and campaign to connect the world to refugees; fiscally sponsored by the Creative Visions Foundation, a 501c3 that supports creative artists who use the power of the media and the arts to affect positive change in the world; and produced by Bent Productions.

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More on Ben

Ben is a filmmaker and comedian born, raised, and based in New York. He worked at Amnesty International in Morocco and the community building platform Meetup before forging an independent career in political comedy and filmmaking. His work has been featured in The Daily Beast, Al Jazeera, The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC), and his mother’s monthly e-newsletter.

Ben holds a B.A. in history from Pomona College.