"But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” - John Quincy Adams
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Monsters to Destroy

is a multimedia talk by filmmaker and comedian Ben Tumin examining refugee resettlement in the United States. Weaving together information about the refugee crisis, personal narrative, and pre-recorded interviews, Ben argues for expanded refugee resettlement on national security grounds.

Through a series of humanizing—and often humorous—interviews, he introduces the audience to five young Syrian refugees living in Germany, as well as a retired marine working in human rights advocacy. Their struggles, hopes, and passionate advocacy come into even sharper focus as Ben recounts the story of his grandfather, a German-Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis just prior to World War II.

Through this personal narrative, Ben connects Americans' responses to refugees today to those of the past and asks how we can break the historical cycle of vilifying refugees.

An unexpectedly brilliant cross between John Oliver and a Ted Talk...
fun, sobering, and informative.
— Scott Cooper, Director of National Security Outreach at Human Rights First

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